Replace rigid budgets with an integrated, dynamic and flexible solution. Plan more accurate budgets, modify and update your budget

Quickly identify the causes of deviations to achieve comprehensive budget tracking. Make sure your budget model accurately addresses the characteristics of your business.

TM1 can form the core of your budget by allowing you to integrate complex business models in a precise and collaborative manner. TM1 allows you to integrate sophisticated plans, budgets and forecasts, managing large amounts of data with high accuracy and performance.



With TM1 you will perform dynamic forecasts, easily incorporating new data and estimations within previous forecasts. Use TM1 to model your business drivers and merge operational and financial planning into a single model. It also guarantees a collaborative and fast environment, instantly visualizing the impact of modifications and adjustments to the model.

Financial Reporting

As a regulated company, do you have to deliver specific information in a timely manner? Are these reports still being carried out manually? Do you have new reporting requirements in every reporting cycle?

With IBM Cognos solutions, all these manual and risky steps can be automated. Create business-driven processes that provide instant updates in all your reports (P & L, Balance, Cash flow, Reports of KPIs, Scorecards, etc.).

Create compelling reports and dashboards which can easily be distributed throughout your company. Use automated alerts to monitor changes to key indicators. Improve your business confidently and quickly.


What-If Scenarios

IBM Cognos Enterprise enables you to perform what-if analysis with new levels of responsiveness. Using what-if analysis, you can tie Finance to Operations to help uncover new business options, increase profits, and manage capital effectively. Learn more about your business with Cognos TM1 and what-if scenarios to facilitate planning, forecasting and profitability analysis.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics software to enhance your planning and analysis. Effective planning and analysis demands more than looking at past results. It demands looking forward—with the best statistical and modelling tools available—to see what's ahead and to prepare the organization for a range of possibilities. Predictive analytics from IBM enable you to overcome the limitations of spreadsheet-based solutions, and help financial and operational teams make faster, data-driven decisions.

Better plans and deeper analysis. Predictive analytics software from IBM enables you to:

  • Gain actionable insight from multiple data sources.
  • Integrate forward-looking analysis with plans and forecasts built in IBM Cognos TM1.
  • Identify trends, calculate probabilities and clarify relationships between variables.
  • Provide realistic simulations to explore the effects of seasonality and other factors on performance.
  • Analyze both structured and unstructured data to capture social trends and consumer sentiments.

Create compelling visualizations and share them through a range of mobile devices.



Scorecarding provides your company with a powerful framework for building and tracking strategy targets. Performance outcomes as well as key enablers or drivers of future performance are identified to create a complete picture of the strategy.

IBM Cognos TM1 Scorecarding integrates scorecarding dashboards and strategy management into Cognos TM1. Use IBM Cognos TM1 Performance Modeler to define the key performance indicators (KPIs) to be monitored. Use them to build your scorecarding diagrams. The scorecard objects and diagrams you create are stored in your Cognos TM1 server and made accessible to users as interactive dashboards. This collection of scorecarding features creates a close integration of scorecarding and strategy with planning, analysis, and dashboarding.

Operational Reporting

As a highly scalable functional database engine that can connect to any data source, TM1 can scale your business model far beyond just core financial models – TM1 really provides moment of value to your organisation when you can integrate core operational models to feed into your core financial models. Thousands of companies are already using TM1 for operational reporting, analysis, budgeting and forecasting in the following areas: Sales, Retail merchandise, Production planning, HR, etc.



IBM Cognos capabilities enable every user to consume the information they need, from their perspective, in their desired format. Executives are able to get an at-a-glance view of how their organization
is performing, then quickly drill down to an appropriate level of detail, which will help them make fast, effective decisions. Business users are able to assemble information into a view that makes sense for them with the flexibility to conduct deeper analysis to drive their decisions. IT administrators can enable an environment where trusted content can be authored once and accessed anywhere. This maximizes efficiency for IT and empowers the business.